• a very common term for a man. There are many disproved origins of the word. Used respectfully and for a person of unknown name, i.e.. "some geezer" or to say that someone is a bit of a laddish rogue "he's a bit of a geezer". Also 'dodgy geezer' can be used to describe a man of bad character.

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  • Geezer — is a term for a man. In North America, it carries the connotation of an old person.Geezer may also refer to: * Geezer Butler, the founding bassist for Black Sabbath * GZR, one of three different names used by Geezer Butler s heavy metal band *… …   Wikipedia

  • geezer — [gē′zər] n. [< dial. guiser, a mummer < GUISE] Slang an old person, esp. an old man: also old geezer …   English World dictionary

  • geezer — gee zer, n. [Dial. corrupt. of {Guiser} a mummer.] A queer old fellow; an old chap; sometimes, an old woman. [Contemptuous, Slang.] Syn: bloke. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • geezer — 1885, variant of obsolete Cockney guiser mummer (late 15c.; see GUISE (Cf. guise)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • geezer — is a (now somewhat dated) slang term for a person, usually a man. It is a late 19c adaptation of guiser meaning ‘mummer’, reflecting a dialect pronunciation …   Modern English usage

  • geezer — ► NOUN informal ▪ a man. ORIGIN representing a dialect pronunciation of earlier guiser mummer …   English terms dictionary

  • geezer — [“giza* ] 1. n. a strange old man; a buzzard. □ Who’s the old geezer with the straw hat on? □ He is a nice geezer, but a little talkative. 2. n. a drink of liquor. □ oss down a geezer of this stuff and see how you like it …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • geezer — UK [ˈɡiːzə(r)] / US [ˈɡɪzər] noun [countable] Word forms geezer : singular geezer plural geezers informal a man • a bit of a geezer …   English dictionary

  • geezer — noun a) A male person. You are a silly young geezer. b) An old person, usually a male. The technical term for a female geezer is old broad, but this is irrelevant, as nobody in Hollywood makes films about women over 55 …   Wiktionary

  • geezer — [[t]gi͟ːzə(r)[/t]] geezers N COUNT Some people use geezer to refer to a man. [mainly BRIT, INFORMAL, OLD FASHIONED] old bald geezer in a posh raincoat. Syn: bloke …   English dictionary

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